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Considering filing for bankruptcy but not sure whether you need a bankruptcy lawyer to aid in the process? Filing for bankruptcy is a complex process which can be greatly simplified by professional advice. Here are four signs that it’s time to seek the expertise of a bankruptcy attorney:

1. You Are Inexperienced at Navigating the Law

If you are filing for bankruptcy, then you need someone who knows the bankruptcy code and the federal bankruptcy procedure requirements. Courts give no special treatment to individuals representing themselves, and if you miss a deadline, fail to complete a required task, or fail to respond properly to instructions, then your case may be dismissed. It’s a good idea to seek professional help, as a bankruptcy attorney can make the process easier and less stressful by walking you through every step.

2. You Would Like to Keep the Maximum Amount Possible

If you don’t go through the bankruptcy procedure properly, then you may lose property you could have otherwise kept. An attorney will fight to protect your rights and retain the maximum amount of your property.

3. You Need Legal Terms Defined

An attorney can help figure out the best way to go about the bankruptcy process based on your specific situation. They can help you determine what to include in your income and debts. For example, if your average gross income is above median income level, then the process becomes especially complex and the expertise of a bankruptcy lawyer becomes incredibly valuable.


4. You Lack Experience Dealing with Creditors

When creditors are involved, the bankruptcy procedure becomes extremely difficult. If a creditor files a lawsuit in court after you’ve filed your petition, then contact an attorney to help you with the litigation. A lien filed by a creditor who has judgment against you requires legal action to be removed. A good bankruptcy lawyer can help you with this process.

The law experts at Cutler & Associates, Ltd. will help you through every step of filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy attorneys can give you the expert advice you need to work through this difficult process!