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Debt settlement is exactly what it sounds like!  Our firm is hired to act as a go between for you and your creditors. You are our client and we owe a duty to you to act in your best interest only.   We do this work on a per creditor flat fee basis and not on a contingency. There are many companies that will do this sort of work on a contingency, however, they demand a hefty fee and it must be all paid up front. But we have found that our fees are typically substantially less than these companies. You will find that they will also demand that you deposit all the money needed for settlement with them, prior to them doing work. This is better known as credit consolidation.

While we also demand payment up front of our fee, we do not expect any further fees or monies from you. Our experience is that lump sum settlements give you the best reductions, but we understand that many people cannot wait and must act now. Our goal is to tailor our services to your needs!