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Bankruptcy Attorney in Bartlett

Bankruptcy is an unfamiliar process for most people, and you’ll likely have plenty of questions as you decide whether to file. At Cutler & Associates, Ltd., our bankruptcy attorneys serving Bartlett, IL, want you to feel completely comfortable and confident as you move forward toward your new, post-bankruptcy life. Our decades of experience helping families throughout the Chicagoland area uniquely qualify us to give you the legal guidance you need. If you do decide to file, you’ll receive the cellphone number of your personal bankruptcy attorney in case any questions or concerns arise.

What Exactly Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process by which an individual can eliminate debt and get a fresh financial start in life. Bankruptcy can also help people retain ownership of their homes and vehicles if they are facing foreclosure or repossession. Once a bankruptcy petition is filed, creditors and debt collection agencies are legally prohibited from contacting the debtor.

What Is a Bankruptcy Discharge?

Our bankruptcy attorneys have helped countless individuals and families achieve a successful discharge—or elimination—of their debts. If you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you could receive a discharge in a matter of months. Chapter 13 filers receive a discharge after they successfully complete a repayment plan, which will last three to five years.

Will Anyone Find Out About It?

Much like divorce, bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record. Not all of your personal information will be publicly available, however. Most people never have to worry about their friends, extended family, or employers finding out about the bankruptcy, since these people would have to actively seek out this information. If you submit to a background check for any reason, your bankruptcy will probably show up on these records. If applicable, anyone who is receiving child support or alimony from you will be notified of the legal proceeding.

Do Married Couples Have to File Together?

Married couples are not required to file a joint bankruptcy petition, although many choose to do so. One of our bankruptcy attorneys will review your unique situation to help you and your spouse decide whether it would be beneficial to file jointly. If your spouse is jointly responsible for a debt and does not file for bankruptcy with you, then he or she would still be liable for the debt even after you aren’t.

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