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Bankruptcy Attorney in Bensenville

Are you ready to say goodbye to the stress of endless calls from debt collectors and the risk of foreclosures, repossessions, and eviction? If so, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about bankruptcy. At Cutler & Associates, Ltd., our team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Bensenville can help you get back on the road to financial freedom. When you file for bankruptcy, collection actions stop, and you get a solution for getting out from under overwhelming debt.

What Happens When I Meet With a Bankruptcy Attorney?

When you meet with a bankruptcy attorney, he or she will conduct a case evaluation to determine if bankruptcy is the right solution for you. He or she will ask questions about your:

  • Credit card debt.
  • Home mortgage.
  • Car loans.
  • Other forms of debt, such as tax debt, student loans, and medical bills.
  • Assets, such as retirement accounts, real estate holdings, and other types of savings.
  • Income.

Keep in mind that your bankruptcy attorney will not judge any of the financial decisions you have made. He or she is only focused on helping you find a solution for your debt. It’s extremely important to be open about all of your debt and assets, since discovering unreported information during the court process can have a negative impact on the outcome of your case.

How Will I Know What Kind of Bankruptcy I Should Choose?

Your bankruptcy attorney will help you make this important decision after reviewing all of your information. If your income doesn’t meet the median income level in your area or if your living expenses significantly outpace your income, then chapter 7 may be the right answer. If you can settle your debts by paying less than you owe, then your attorney may recommend that you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Will I Have to Make a Decision Right Away?

You will never be pressured to make a decision about your case or move forward with filing. Your meeting with a bankruptcy attorney will help you understand all of your options and will allow you to get some advice to help you make a choice. The ultimate decision to file, and the timeline on which you do so, will be determined by you. Your attorney will provide guidance along the way. Take the first step towards debt relief and new financial freedom today by contacting Cutler & Associates, Ltd.

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