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I just want to tell everyone that if you need a lawyer, Stuart Swanson is the one I really recommend. He is very friendly and kind , he listen to you , very professional and he knows what he is doing. These are just few good qualities . When my husband passed away, I was stuck with lot of debt and I went to few different layers. Everywhere it was like “I am a big lawyer and you should do what I tell you”. Here Stuart Swanson is like a friend. He listens to you, he looks in your situation and he tells you what he can do. He did everything he promised. He saved my house, the car and settled my credit cards. Now I do not have to worry about the collectors, I can just start my life again. I miss my husband so much but Stuart Swanson make my life much easier. Everytime I had a question, I had his cell number and I was able to make a call directly . He always calls back in few hours if he’s busy with other clients . He has many clients but he always finds time for you and you feel like he wants to do more that he can and he does. Like I say, this is a very good lawyer and if you want to talk to me in person, he can give you my email. This lawyer is very professional and know what he is doing. I really recommend him to all the people who have some financial problems. He really can help.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on CastPage at 5/5/11