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I was very guilt ridden about having to having to file for bankruptcy, wanting to be a responsible person. Stuart Swanson put that all to rest and took the embarrassment/guilt out of it. Stuart made me feel good about myself and the whole process, that I was not just some bum ripping off my creditors. Stuart was very caring and educational about my options and that which would best serve my situation, he just didn’t B.S. me. Stuart always returned any calls or e-mails right away, with such diligence and forethought, that I didn’t have many. I have since gotten our family’s life back on track towards financial security. Thanks Stuart and Cutler and Associates for all your help and ensuring us our world was not coming to an end. If you have any Qualms about filing BKR, Stuart is the person to put you at ease and help you with whatever decision you make.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Google at 8/30/11