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Stuart Swanson THANK YOU STUART SWANSON AND DAVID CUTLER! I landed into a small financial mess due to the economics of 2008 and 2009 and found myself having to make the decision of filing a CHAPTER 7 bankruptcy so as to have a new start. Thinking that filing a banckruptcy could be a traumatic experience, I shopped, researched and priced several attorney / law firms and found their attitudes and pricing not to my liking. I called cutler and Assoc. and after my first interview with Stuart Swanson, I felt at ease with the whole process and also found the fee to be very affordable and resonable.. With his down to earth / straight forward style and approach to my situation, I was not made to feel like a loser and second class citizen. Stuart, very knowledgeably, explained the whole process and what I needed to do on my part in order to get my issue resolved. Whenever I had any questions, they were appropriately addressed and I was continually re-assured that everything was going along as scheduled. NOTE: To anyone reading this review, in my observation, it is extremely important that in order to achieve positive and timely results, just follow Stuart and Davids instructions exactly, ask questions, be organized and the whole banckruptcy process will proceed smoothly and successfully. I DEFINITELY recommend the services of Stuart Swanson of the law firm of Cutler and Associates. Thanks again guys.

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