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When you are in danger of losing your home or vehicle, bankruptcy may be the solution. Visit these links from around the Web for more information on filing for bankruptcy, common bankruptcy terms, reasons for bankruptcy litigation, and the benefits of bankruptcy over a debt management program.

  • Explore this link from the Illinois Attorney General to learn more about the basics of bankruptcy.
  • How can you rebuild credit after bankruptcy? Check out this link from to learn the answer.
  • Browse this link from for more information on the different types of bankruptcy available.
  • This article from provides an in-depth overview of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.
  • Make sure you understand how to file for bankruptcy with this handy online guide.
  • How is the repayment plan for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy determined? Get the facts by checking out this link form the American Bar Association
  • This link from discusses some of the common reasons for bankruptcy litigation.
  • Is bankruptcy right for you? Learn how to find out with this article.
  • Not all debt consolidation programs are beneficial. Visit this link to learn more about the downsides of debt management programs.
  • Did you know that filing for bankruptcy can prevent foreclosure? Check out this article for a closer look.