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Most of us like to handle our own financial matters. While this can be easy when times are good, it can be extremely tough when times are hard. If you’re deep in debt and facing bankruptcy, there’s no shame in seeking the guidance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. But how do you find a bankruptcy lawyer that you can trust to help you?

1.      Ask a Friend

You’d ask your friends for a good place to eat or go shopping—so why not ask them for a good bankruptcy lawyer? If a friend or family member has had a pleasant experience with a particular bankruptcy attorney, there’s a good chance that you will too.  

2.      Do Some Research

Once you’ve got your friend’s opinion, you should back it up with research of your own. Keep an eye out for law firms with multiple partners, positive reviews from past clients, and professional-looking websites. You should also check for Better Business Bureau ratings that will provide an unbiased glimpse into how a law firm conducts its affairs.

 3.      Schedule Interviews

After you’ve assembled a short list of suitable attorneys in your area, call them up and schedule an interview. Be wary if an attorney delegates your appointment to a paralegal or junior associate—a quality attorney will find the time to meet with you face-to-face and personally answer your questions. It’s important to find an attorney whom you get along with, as you’ll be working closely together for the next few months.

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