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Bankruptcy can be a complex process. Since the laws regarding bankruptcy vary by state, the best way to ensure that you submit the proper paperwork in a timely manner is to contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your area. As you wait to meet with your attorney, you can familiarize yourself with the bankruptcy process by taking a look at these great resources.

  • The United States Courts website outlines some of the eligibility requirements for discharging debt under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.
  • This Fox News article can help you understand the differences between filing a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition.
  • You can learn the locations where 341 creditor meetings are held in Illinois by visiting this page from the United States Bankruptcy Court.
  • Learn what happens to your home if you fall behind on mortgage payments by reading this information from the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Find out how bankruptcy courts handle student loan obligations during the bankruptcy process by reading this New York Times article.