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I called Cutler & Associates after another attorney took my money and then did nothing for 3 months while creditors called me day and night. I came across this law firm by simply entering “bankruptcy attorney in Skokie”. I am so happy that their name came up in the search! Stuart was very helpful, honest, and professional. As many people wrote here, bankruptcy was my last resort and the decision to file was not an easy one. I have to say that Stuart helped me see that there is life after BK. He advised me to be smart about my financial choices and even sent me an article on credit card spending. My bk was an unfortunate side effect of a divorce but only 2 years later after filing, I was able to buy a home and a new car. It has now been 5 years since I filed, and I am happy to say that my credit score is very good, and my BK has become a good learning experience. I would definitely recommend Stuart Swanson as an attorney! I still contact him occasionally when I have legal questions, and he always provides me with an answer or refers me to someone who can. Stuart helped me see that there are good lawyers out there :)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Google at 10/16/11