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Bankruptcy is a word that was not in my vocabulary until it became a necessary thing to do 2 years ago. I remember sitting unable to sleep in front of my computer not knowing where to go as to finding the right person to help me handle this horrible situation that was happening in my life. I had always thought that bankruptcy was for deadbeats that did’nt want to be responsible enough to pay their bills. AND there I was knowing how wrong I was. It was like one day my world just started crashing down around me and I was so far in debt I could only pray that I find an honest person with compassion. I was just surfing and there he was. Mr Stuart Swanson. I left an email and the very next day he called and we discussed what was happening. Shortly afterwards we met and started the processing. I was very frightened and felt like I was never going to get through it all the while this “patient” man kept telling me we were going to be alright. The day I had to go to court it felt like I was going to be standing in front of a firing squad and as I approached the door going into the room there was Stuart reassuring me that the process was not going to be any more than a few minutes. He had taken care of everything. I do not believe there is an attorney in the entire state of Illinois that could have handled my case better than Stuart did and I want anyone that reads this to know that I am now starting fresh and beginning over. Thank you Stuart for everything. Julie B

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Google Places at 10/15/11