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Bankruptcy Attorney in Homewood

Cutler & Associates, Ltd is a team of dedicated bankruptcy attorneys serving Homewood, IL and the greater Chicagoland area. Bankruptcy cases are all we do, which means we are uniquely qualified to understand the problems debtors face and the solutions that can help. Bankruptcy isn’t just a last resort for people who have run out of options, and it isn’t something that will forever affect your future prospects. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. Bankruptcy is a financial and legal tool debtors can use to dig their way out of their mountains of debt, and to get a fresh financial start in life. Here’s a look at the many problems our bankruptcy attorneys can help you avoid or address.

How Your Debt Leads to Having More Debt

When debt consumes your life, it becomes easy to understand that old adage, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” No matter what your income bracket, having a mountain of debt can pave the way for acquiring even more debt. Credit card debt in particular can spiral out of control quickly. Those high interest rates can mean you’ll end up paying thousands more than you originally owed—if you can manage to pay it off at all. And when an emergency arises, you may need to open another credit card account or request a personal loan. Even if you can get approved for credit, you’ll have to deal with high interest rates due to your poor credit history. And despite your best intentions, it can be all but impossible to pay off thousands in debt with those high interest rates. If this situation sounds familiar, let our bankruptcy attorneys near Homewood help you before your debt takes over your life.

Ways Your Debt Increases Everyday Expenses

Substantial amounts of debt can cause more problems than just sky-high interest rates. You can expect to pay more for your everyday necessities—from insurance premiums to security deposits for utilities. You may even be denied a cellphone contract, which would force you to go without this vital link to the outside world, or to opt for a pricier month-to-month plan.

How Bankruptcy Can Help

Tired of staring at bills you can’t pay and getting harassing calls from creditors? Don’t ignore your debt—take action with the help of the bankruptcy attorneys at Cutler & Associates, Ltd. Filing a petition will stop those calls from debt collectors, stabilize your finances, and grant you peace of mind. And after you rebuild your credit history, you’ll love seeing those lower interest rates you’re eligible for.

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