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Bankruptcy Fresh Start

If you are thinking of declaring bankruptcy, you may be concerned about the effect it will have on your life. However, there are a number of situations in which bankruptcy can allow you to get a fresh start. If you’re wondering whether bankruptcy is the best way forward for you, here are some things you should know about filing.


Bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you’ll lose everything you own.

Many people worry that they will lose all of their property if they file for bankruptcy, but that is rarely the case. There are a number of exemptions you can claim, including your vehicle, your veterans’ benefits and workman’s compensation, and essential personal belongings such as clothing. If you’re concerned about losing your property, talk to your attorney.


Bankruptcy will not permanently harm your credit score.

If you’re worried that filing for bankruptcy will leave a permanent black mark on your credit score, keep in mind that bankruptcy will remove the negative reports from your credit report that are currently affecting your score. By using a secured credit card, you can rebuild your credit score surprisingly quickly after filing for bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy will remove your debts.

Most importantly, bankruptcy will free you from the ongoing burden of living a life filled with debts you can’t pay. Having these debts can be extremely stressful for anybody, and it can prevent you from buying a home or saving money. Bankruptcy offers a solution by providing you with a viable plan for paying off your debts.


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