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Have you recently scheduled a consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your legal and financial options? While your attorney will be there to guide you through the process at every step of the way, it is always a good idea to prepare for your first meeting. Here are some documents you may want to bring to your consultation.

List of Debts

First, simply make a list of every debt you owe, including all credit cards, your home mortgage, car payments, medical bills, and loans from family and friends. In order for your bankruptcy lawyer to properly analyze your financial situation and legal case, you should provide the name of the creditor and amount owed. You may also bring copies of your student loans debt. It is important to be completely honest with your attorney and disclose all debts; attempting to hide assets will only hurt your bankruptcy case.


Have your creditors been sending you harassing emails or letters? Be sure to bring a copy of all your recent bills as well as any letters that have been sent to you within the last three months. If you can, try to bring one bill from each original creditor, even if it is old.

Income Records

When you meet with your bankruptcy lawyer, bring a copy of your income records, including a paystub. If you are self-employed or do not have the information, bring any records you do have that indicate what your income has been over the past six months.

Legal Documents

If you are involved in any kind of legal action or have legal documents that you think may be important, make copies for your bankruptcy attorney to review. If you were sued or are currently being sued, have a pending foreclosure, or were divorced, bring copies of all relevant financial and legal correspondence and court orders.

At Cutler & Associates, Ltd. of Chicago, your first consultation with a bankruptcy attorney is always free.

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