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Remembering the specific state of your budget can be hard when you’re on the go. The My Budget Book Android phone app allows users to see when bills are due and how much money they have spent in a given month. Individuals can sync multiple bank accounts and revenue streams and back up all of their financial date into a Dropbox account.

This app’s features are designed with the finance-conscious user in mind, as they allow users to input in data through templates available in 10 different languages. Global travellers will also be pleased to know that the app supports more than 100 currencies and allows for password protection of sensitive data. You can download the app today for only $2.99.

If you failed to stick to your budgets and now find yourself delinquent on more than one loan, bankruptcy may be a good solution. To learn more about this option, consult the team of attorneys at Cutler & Associates in Illinois.