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Cutler Bankruptcy - Good company is just a call away

If you’re being contacted by creditors who are trying to collect from you, it’s important to understand what your legal rights are. In general, you are protected from behavior that can fairly be described as “abusive and deceptive.” Creditors can’t contact you anymore—other than through litigation—if you have requested in writing that they stop, and they can’t try to contact you at your place of employment if you have told them to stop. Creditors may not pose as someone they are not to try to collect a debt, and they may not verbally abuse you when they are in contact with you. Creditors also can’t pester you with late night calls, so they can’t try to call you after 9 p.m. or before 8 a.m. A creditor also cannot report false information about you to try to harm your credit report.

If you’re thinking of declaring bankruptcy, the attorneys at Cutler & Associates, Ltd. can provide you with the guidance you need. For a free bankruptcy evaluation at our law office in Schaumburg, call (847) 961-4572 today.