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Bankruptcy Attorney in Lake Forest

Does this sound familiar? The phone rings, and you ignore it. Your voicemail is filled with messages you haven’t listened to. You get the mail, but you put the letters in the trash unopened. This is the life of someone who is overwhelmed by debt and is being harassed by debt collectors. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. With a bankruptcy attorney in Lake Forest from Cutler & Associates, Ltd. on your side, you can stop those threatening phone calls and letters and set your sights on a better financial future.

How Bankruptcy Stops Debt Collectors

As soon as your bankruptcy attorney files your case, debt collection activities against you will stop. This is called an automatic stay, and it goes into effect immediately. Except for certain types of debts, your creditors cannot engage in any more collection activities outside of the court process. They can still send you statements, but not payment demands. When you file for bankruptcy, you can expect these collection actions to stop:

  • Phone calls, including to friends, neighbors, and employers
  • Letters that demand payment
  • Foreclosure
  • Repossession
  • Eviction
  • Disconnection of utilities

Your attorney will explain to you how long your stay will last and how you should prepare for your bankruptcy case in the meantime. If a creditor violates the terms of the stay, he or she may be forced to pay damages to you as well as penalties in the court. The best way to see if bankruptcy is the answer for your debt is to contact Cutler & Associates, Ltd. for a free review of your case.

How a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You

If you wish to file for bankruptcy, it is never recommended to go to court alone. Bankruptcy law is very complex, so you can benefit from having a lawyer who is experienced with the code working on your behalf to protect your rights. When you file for bankruptcy, you will need to provide the court with extensive information about your personal finances, and you may also need to meet with your creditors. Going into these proceedings without an attorney leaves you vulnerable to sacrificing assets you want to keep or agreeing to payment arrangements that are not in your best interest. The job of your bankruptcy attorney in Lake Forest is to make sure your bankruptcy works for you so that you can truly take advantage of the debt relief it provides.

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