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Long Grove Bankruptcy Lawyer

Have you heard that bankruptcy can destroy your credit or that it will require you to give up all your property to pay off your debts? These are common myths about bankruptcy, and may have caused you to overlook bankruptcy as a way to achieve debt relief and get your finances off to a new start.  The truth is that bankruptcy can allow you to restore your credit by helping you stop the accumulation of debt, negotiate a rate to pay off your debt, or eliminate unsecured debts. By working with Cutler & Associates, Ltd. in Long Grove, you can see exactly how bankruptcy might benefit you and gain an advocate for your financial security throughout bankruptcy proceedings.

Finding Answers to Your Bankruptcy Questions

When you are facing foreclosure or lawsuits from creditors, you might be thinking about bankruptcy, but you may have many questions about how it works and what happens during the process. In a free consultation at our office, you can find answers to all of your questions, but here is a look at just a few common inquiries:

  • Will I be able to keep my car and retirement accounts? You may need to surrender some assets to pay off debts, but others may be exempt or kept in the negotiation process. You likely will not have to give up your car—though it will be an option—and you can keep your retirement funds and other accounts intact; remember, the point of bankruptcy is to improve your financial situation, rather than to worsen it.
  • Will my credit ever recover? Your credit has likely taken a hit if you are facing substantial debt, and bankruptcy may cause another ding, but it will also allow you to begin rebuilding your credit.

Knowing When to Call a Lawyer

We offer free bankruptcy evaluations for individuals in Long Grove, so contact Cutler & Associates if you are falling behind on your bills, getting calls from creditors, or receiving threatening letters from your loan providers. It is particularly essential to schedule a consultation if you are facing potential consequences like wage garnishment, foreclosure, or repossession. These actions are much easier to prevent than to undo, so don’t hesitate to call Cutler & Associates at (847) 213-9436 for a look at your bankruptcy options.

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