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Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life. The process is complex, and a single mistake could compromise your ability to recover financially for years. Because bankruptcy has become more common, people other than lawyers are building businesses around the filing process. These people, called petition preparers, do not have the necessary legal experience to guide you through your case and could jeopardize your bankruptcy ruling.

Petition preparers simply complete forms on your behalf. They are not required to have any formal training or undergo a background check, which means you could be handing your sensitive information over to someone with a history of fraud or identity theft. Additionally, they cannot provide any legal advice, so you must educate yourself about complex bankruptcy law before using their services.

Filing for bankruptcy involves much more than filling out forms. The bankruptcy lawyers in Schaumburg and Aurora at Cutler & Associates, Ltd. can provide the kind of legal support you need to protect your rights and get a fresh start