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No one thinks that bankruptcy will happen to them. You hear about it happening to other people and can’t imagine being in that position. It is very scary and comes with an overwhelming number of thoughts and emotions. And no one wants to talk about it, so feeling alone is very common. I decided to share my financial troubles with a coworker who recommended David Cutler, as she had used him for the same purpose a year prior. I think my hands were shaking the first time I met with him, but David was amazingly comforting and patient. He explained the process to me as many times as I need him to, and not only focused on what we were doing at the present time, but also discussed my options for future credit rebuilding. He was surprisingly prompt when returning phone calls and emails. I would definitely recommend David Cutler, as well as any of the staff that I interacted with, to anyone needing bankruptcy assistance.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Google at 10/31/11