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Are you considering Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?  Are you looking for a quality bankruptcy lawyer? Below are some great resources to help you make the right decisions and get great information:


  • Many people often deal with significant financial burdens before they begin to consider their options with a bankruptcy lawyer. This article from provides information about coping emotionally with bankruptcy.
  • No matter which type of bankruptcy you file for, it helps to be acquainted with the basic process. Read this overview of bankruptcy from the United States Courts website to learn more.
  • Many people are primarily concerned with how bankruptcy will affect their property. Read this article from to learn more.
  • Don’t let others tell you what bankruptcy entails—research the facts for yourself and learn about the most common bankruptcy myths at
  • If you find yourself financially overwhelmed, then learn about some basic bankruptcy facts in this article from MSNBC and consider your financial options.