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Responsibilities after filing for bankruptcy

After you file for bankruptcy, you can trust your lawyer to handle the details of your case. However, there are two primary tasks that you’re responsible for. The first is to complete a financial management course. You already took the credit counseling course prior to filing for bankruptcy, and the company that offered that course will likely also offer a financial management course approved by the court.


You’re also responsible for attending the meeting of creditors. Your lawyer will help you prepare for it, and he or she will attend the meeting with you. You’ll be asked to present your identification and then you’ll be sworn in. The trustee will review your petition and ask you some questions about your assets and debts. Creditors also have the right to attend the meeting and ask questions, although quite often, they don’t. The meeting of creditors is typically very short, and it’s likely the only time you’ll need to physically appear before the trustee to answer questions.


The bankruptcy attorneys at Cutler & Associates, Ltd. will help you prepare for the meeting of creditors after we file your petition for you. Call our law firm in Aurora or Skokie at (847) 961-4572.