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While filing for bankruptcy may seem difficult at first, there are a number of things you can do to make Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy easier. Here are five tips to help you survive bankruptcy:

1.      Hire a Knowledgeable Attorney

Hiring a lawyer that specializes in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the most important survival tip. By working with a highly qualified attorney, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience at your disposal, making your bankruptcy filing process much easier.

2.      Live Frugally

Regardless of extenuating circumstances, the primary reason you are considering bankruptcy is because of debt. Managing consumer debt is important to preventing future financial instability, so get into the habit of making your lifestyle fit your finances. Minimize your monthly expenses, eliminate luxuries, and save money wherever you can.

3.      Budget Carefully

Create a workable budget that allows you to meet your debt obligations while still retaining some of your financial freedom. Staying within a predetermined budget is particularly important because your access to credit may be temporarily limited when filing for bankruptcy.

4.      Develop a Relationship With Your Creditors

Being on your creditors’ bad sides is not constructive, and may make negotiations harder during bankruptcy proceedings. Do as much as you can to stay graceful, tactful, and responsive to your creditors. Your bankruptcy attorney can help you manage communications with creditors to prevent unnecessary stress.

5.      Learn From Mistakes

Whether you are talking to your attorney, in bankruptcy court, or speaking to your credit counselor, make sure you learn everything you can to avoid unmanageable debt in the future. Approaching bankruptcy as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and be responsible will help you recover more quickly and be financially successful in the future.