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It’s the American dream to work hard until you can retire in luxury. Unfortunately, past economic crises have hit people hard, but none more than those who thought they had already done the hard work of saving for retirement. Talk to your financial and bankruptcy lawyer in Aurora and other Chicago areas to find out how best to deal with your debt.

Talk to the Professionals

A qualified debt relief and bankruptcy attorney can steer you on the right path to getting rid of your debt. A bankruptcy law firm in Chicago areas will usually offer a free consultation to get you started, and then they might suggest debt consolidation, bankruptcy, and other options you can best achieve through them. They can also help you find and utilize any and all benefits you are owed.


One way a bankruptcy attorney in Chicago might suggest debt relief would be to downsize. Downsizing might be as little as creating a strict, essentials-only budget, but it could mean downsizing your house or other high-expense debt. This can be a tough decision, but it may be the only way. Your bankruptcy attorney in Chicago can help you explore all options available.

Mortgage Ideas

Instead of downsizing your house, your bankruptcy attorney in Hoffman Estates can help you restructure your mortgage. This could include paying off a sizeable portion of your mortgage, if you have the cash available, but it might mean refinancing or getting a reverse mortgage. Both options have their risks and downfalls for the future, but they can be a big help during the present situation.

Putting Off Retirement

You’ve earned your retirement after decades of working, but it might be smarter to put it off a couple more years. Putting off retirement can help you save more money, possibly increase your retirement through potential raises, and pay off debt quicker.

If you’re in need of some financial advice, call Cutler & Associates, LTD for your free consultation.