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Let a Bankruptcy Attorney in Willamette Help You Get a Fresh Start

From harassing phone calls from creditors to threats of foreclosures and repossessions, the pressure of dealing with debt is overwhelming. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. A bankruptcy attorney in Willamette at Cutler & Associates, Ltd. can help you get on the road to financial recovery. Bankruptcy laws exist so you can resolve your debt problems for good, and our experienced Willamette bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you find your financial fresh start.

Bankruptcy Gives You Options

There are two forms of bankruptcy that can help you deal with your debt: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 allows you to eliminate or all most of your debt and start with a completely clean slate. Chapter 13 lets you reduce your balances and come to payment arrangements with your creditors that satisfy your accounts. Your bankruptcy attorney in Willamette will help you choose which form is right for you, but both kinds of bankruptcy will:

  • Stop the dreaded phone calls from bill collectors
  • Stop interest from accruing on your accounts and causing more debt
  • Stop late fees and other penalties for piling onto your balance

Don’t Let Bankruptcy Myths Sideline Your Chance for a Solution

Unfortunately, many myths about bankruptcy prevent people from considering it as a viable option. Don’t let these myths interfere with getting out from under your debt:


  • Myth: I will lose my house and car if I file for bankruptcy.
  • Fact: Most people keep these assets, as well as retirement savings. Your bankruptcy attorney can fight to protect the assets you want to keep.
  • Myth: I will never get a mortgage in the future if I file for bankruptcy.
  • Fact: As long as you stick to your bankruptcy agreement, you can expect your credit to recover quickly and completely.
  • Myth: I will have to agree to a payment arrangement I can’t afford in bankruptcy.
  • Fact: Bankruptcy is about getting out of debt. Your payment arrangement will be in line with your ability to pay. Your bankruptcy lawyer will fight aggressively to ensure that this is the case.

Map Out Your Financial Future Today

Don’t spend another day trying to juggle your debt and deal with the stress of harassing phone calls. Contact Cutler & Associates, Ltd. at (847) 282-4899 to speak to a bankruptcy attorney in Willamette who is ready to start working on your case today.

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