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Bankruptcy Attorney in Libertyville

Everybody has financial obligations, but perpetually being in debt can make it impossible for a person to meet them. When you can’t afford to pay your bills, contacting a bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options can help you devise a plan to move forward with your life. Cutler & Associates, Ltd, has helped countless people declare bankruptcy over the past two decades. Serving Libertyville, Illinois, and the surrounding area, our legal team can offer you the expert advice and representation you deserve.

Is Bankruptcy the Right Move for You?

If you don’t take steps to resolve your debt, you may find your financial status growing more precarious with every passing month. Unlike some problems, debt doesn’t go away when you ignore it—in fact, it tends to get worse when it isn’t dealt with right away. Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • You spend most of your paycheck paying off your financial obligations, and you can’t afford food, gas, and other daily expenses.
  • You’re being harassed by repeated calls from creditors, who may try to contact you at work as well as at home.
  • Your home is in jeopardy, with creditors threatening to put a lien on your house or even foreclose on it.
  • You are being threatened with lawsuits by creditors for failing to pay your debts.
  • Your creditors are threatening to have your wages garnished to pay off your debts.  

If your current financial status isn’t promising to improve in the foreseeable future, declaring bankruptcy may be the best step you can take. Declaring bankruptcy will stop your creditors from contacting you, and it can provide you with a path toward eventual financial solvency by resolving your debts and clearing up your other obligations.

What Can Cutler & Associates, Ltd Do for You?

If your life has been taken over by debt, the experienced attorneys at Cutler & Associates, Ltd can give you the professional advice and capable legal representation you need. We understand that bankruptcy is a difficult subject and that the process is a complex one. We can guide you through declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, finding relief from your credit card debt, going through the process of debt consolidation, and the other steps you may need to take to ensure your financial stability in the future.

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