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Bankruptcy Attorney in Oak Brook

No one plans to get behind on their bills and wind up buried in debt, but life is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Something as simple as an emergency room visit, or as complex as a divorce, can have a domino effect that leads to financial ruin. But there is hope for the future. At Cutler & Associates, Ltd., our bankruptcy attorneys in Oak Brook are here to help. When life takes an unexpected detour, we can help you get back on the right path.

How Bankruptcy Can Help You

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that is overseen by the bankruptcy court system. It allows eligible debtors to discharge eligible debts that would be difficult or impossible to pay off. To discharge a debt means to eliminate it—as if it never existed at all. This means that if your bankruptcy petition is approved, you can get a brand new financial start in life. There are other benefits to filing for bankruptcy as well, such as:

  • Debt collectors may not legally contact you once you’ve filed
  • Creditors may not file lawsuits against you
  • Utility companies may be disallowed from shutting off service
  • Foreclosure proceedings can be halted
  • Evictions might be stalled
  • Wage garnishments automatically halt
  • Overpayments of public benefits cannot be collected from you

These benefits are all thanks to the automatic stay, which applies as soon as your bankruptcy attorney files the petition. The automatic stay is temporary, but it can give you the extra time you need to sort out your situation.

What Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Do

It’s not unusual for people to try to file for bankruptcy themselves, thinking that they can save a few bucks in legal fees. Unfortunately, these individuals learn the hard way that a DIY approach to the law costs them much more in the long run. When you work with the bankruptcy team at Cutler & Associates, Ltd., we will:

  • Provide the sound legal guidance you need, based on our years of experience
  • Prepare your bankruptcy petition and all attached documents correctly
  • Help you prepare for your appearance in bankruptcy court
  • Help you work with your assigned bankruptcy trustee
  • Improve your chances of bankruptcy success
  • Work with you to build a better life after bankruptcy

We believe that financial setbacks can be an opportunity to work toward greater financial stability for the future.

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