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Mundelein Bankruptcy Lawyer

The consequences of outstanding credit card debt or mortgage payments can be significant—you might be facing liens, foreclosure, wage garnishment, or lawsuits. In addition, you may have debt collectors calling you around the clock at home and at work in pursuit of outstanding payments. When you don’t have the funds to pay off your debt outright, you may feel hopeless about your financial future as well as the security of your housing and income. Filing bankruptcy may be an option, but your first step should be to contact a Mundelein bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your unique debt situation. Whether filing bankruptcy is the right choice for you or not, Cutler & Associates, Ltd. is here to help with the debt consolidation and debt relief expertise you need to eliminate debt payments that you cannot afford.

How Declaring Bankruptcy Can Help You

Both chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy are options for individuals, but these differ in their qualifying criteria as well as the process and final outcome. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation of debt, and it may require the sale of certain non-exempt assets to pay creditors before the rest of the debt is dismissed. With chapter 13, your assets are protected, but you will be responsible for paying off debt with a restructured payment plan based on what you can afford to pay monthly. Consulting an attorney will allow you to get to know more about each of these options and whether you qualify for them. When you file for bankruptcy, you can:

  • Halt foreclosure proceedings.
  • Prevent repossession of property.
  • Stop harassing calls from creditors.
  • Prepare for a healthier financial future.
  • Avoid wage garnishment.


What to Expect with Cutler & Associates

When you call Cutler & Associates for a bankruptcy evaluation in Mundelein, you will get the chance to schedule a free consultation to get a personalized assessment of your financial situation. This will help you determine if filing bankruptcy is the right next step. From here, our team will work to stop creditor calls, negotiate your debt, and consolidate your payments so that you are able to get out of substantial debt. You should not wait to act when you are receiving threatening calls and letters pertaining to past-due payments, particularly for credit cards and mortgages.

Call Us Today to Get Started Working Toward Your Financial Freedom!