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Let a Bankruptcy Attorney in Park Ridge Put a Stop to Debt Collector Calls

Anyone who has faced suffocating debt knows the stress of harassing calls from debt collectors and threatening letters in the mailbox. It doesn’t have to be that way. At Cutler & Associates, Ltd., you can get help from a dedicated and experienced bankruptcy attorney in Park Ridge. Your financial past does not have to determine your family’s future. Let our bankruptcy attorneys help you take the first step towards getting relief from your debts.

Am I Eligible for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is not the right answer for everyone, but many people who could use it to deal with debts they cannot pay don’t realize that it’s a viable option for them. Your bankruptcy attorney in Park Ridge will help you decide if you meet the qualification requirements. Generally, the court will require you to prove that you are unable to pay the debts you have, either because you don’t have an income or because your income is too low to cover your necessary expenses. We offer free case evaluations to help our clients learn more about their abilities to file for bankruptcy protection.

Why Can’t I File for Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

You can. It’s not a legal requirement for you to have a bankruptcy attorney on your side when you file, but it is highly recommended. Bankruptcy laws are incredibly complex, and often people who enter the process on their own make mistakes that interfere with the way their cases are handled. They may also fail to exercise their rights to protect certain assets. The best way to ensure that you get a bankruptcy agreement that truly helps you get a fresh start is to have an experienced attorney looking out for your interests.

Won’t Bankruptcy Ruin My Credit?

Bankruptcy has an impact on your credit—but so does having multiple late payments, judgments, liens, and maxed-out credit cards. Instead of allowing the damage to your credit to continue to build, bankruptcy draws a line under it. You can expect bankruptcy to remain on your credit report for seven to 10 years, but the impact it has on your score will diminish with every day. With careful credit management going forward, you can expect your score to recover quicker than you may expect.

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