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Get Debt Relief With Assistance From a Bankruptcy Attorney in Riverwoods

Do you ignore your phone because you’re afraid it is debt collector on the other line? Do you dread going to the mailbox because you’re worried you may find a notice about a lien or foreclosure? If these situations sound familiar, then you need debt relief that can help you reset your finances and start moving towards a new future. At Cutler & Associates, Ltd., our bankruptcy attorneys in Riverwoods are compassionate, experienced, and committed to helping clients get the help they need to get out of debt and rebuild their financial wellbeing.

Filing for Bankruptcy Doesn’t Mean You’re Irresponsible

The vast majority of people who file for bankruptcy are in debt for reasons that are beyond their control. They haven’t mismanaged money but have instead faced life-changing circumstances that have impacted them financially, including:

  • Job loss
  • Medical bills
  • Illness or injury that interfere with work
  • Divorce
  • Death of a primary household earner

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t a sign that you have mismanaged your finances or that you’ve spent irresponsibility. In fact, it shows that you’re responsible enough to face your debts and work to find a solution.

Are You Facing Overwhelming Debt? You’re Not Alone

Millions of Americans teeter on the edge of a financial crisis at all times. Each year, hundreds of thousands of families seek relief from their debts by filing for bankruptcy. Living with threats from debt collectors and constantly rising bills can feel isolating, but when you contact a bankruptcy attorney in Riverwoods, the first thing you’ll learn is that you’re not alone in either struggling financially or deciding to use bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

Phone Calls, Repossessions, Liens, and Foreclosures Can Stop Now

Your bankruptcy attorney can help you take the necessary steps to put an end to threats from debt collectors quickly. Free yourself from the stress of your debt and get a solution that helps you get a fresh start. Whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you won’t get any more harassing phone calls or threatening letters. Your new financial future—and new opportunities for your family—are right around the corner once you start your bankruptcy case.

Call Us Today to Get Started Working Toward Your Financial Freedom!