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Bankruptcy Attorney in Round Lake

If your financial situation seems hopeless, you may be wondering if there is any way out. When you can’t afford to pay off all of your debts, declaring bankruptcy could be the smartest move available to you. Before you make the decision to declare bankruptcy, however, it’s important to have your case evaluated by a seasoned legal professional. Cutler & Associates, Ltd. can offer you the sound advice and capable representation you need for your bankruptcy case in Round Lake, Illinois.

How Unpaid Debts Can Affect Your Life

No matter how diligent you might be about paying off your debts, they can easily become unmanageable—especially if you have multiple debts that you’re struggling to pay off at the same time. You may find yourself constantly stressed, without any disposable income, and harassed by regular phone calls and letters from debt collectors. These are some of the consequences that may come with having unpaid debts:

  • A lien may be put on your house.
  • Your home may be threatened with foreclosure.
  • Your wages may be garnished to pay your debts.
  • You may be threatened with lawsuits by your debtors.
  • Your personal possessions, such as your furniture, may be repossessed.

When your financial situation has become untenable, it may be time to consider declaring bankruptcy. Despite the negative associations that many people have with bankruptcy, it is often the best way for an individual to eliminate his or her debts and start over again. For many people, finding relief from their debts can be a life-changing experience.

What Cutler & Associates Can Do for You

If you’re considering declaring bankruptcy, it’s essential that you know what your options are. When you connect with Cutler & Associates, we’ll evaluate your current financial circumstances in order to determine your best course of action. Then, we’ll guide you through the process of filing for bankruptcy, ensuring that you are kept up to date every step of the way. When you work with our skilled team of bankruptcy attorneys, you’ll get the solutions you need for the problems that confront you. Here’s what our team can do for you:

  • We’ll provide you with a free evaluation of your bankruptcy case.
  • We’ll stop debt collectors from contacting you, whether at home or at your workplace.
  • We’ll help you decide whether chapter 7, chapter 13, or another option is best for your circumstances.
  • We’ll provide you with legal advice and assistance with debt negotiation, debt consolidation, credit card debt relief, and other common financial issues.

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