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Even though some people do end up with considerable debt because of poor money management, it’s not the only cause of debt problems. Sometimes, unexpected events outside of someone’s control make it difficult for him or her to pay for monthly expenses. Here’s a look at some of the common causes of debt that aren’t related to excessive spending or poor money managing.

Reduced Income
Sometimes, income reduction makes it almost impossible for a family to pay for each of their monthly obligations, including, rent, food, and utilities. Other times, people continue paying the same expenses, without planning to adjust for this new income level. The trouble with underemployment is that many people view it as temporary, so they don’t start limiting their expenses to match their current income levels.

More than half of marriages still end in divorce, but divorce is still an unexpected, stressful event to go through. Not only do couples filing for divorce have to pay expensive legal fees and court fees, but also they have to separate their incomes into two households. Filing for divorce also takes a huge financial toll on couples that used their combined earnings to qualify for a house mortgage or to take out a car loan.

Medical Expenses
Many doctors accept credit cards for payment and people increasingly rely on credit cards when they have no other option to pay for treatment. Sadly, the cost of medical bills can be so high that people are unable to pay off their balances, even when they have insurance coverage. For this reason, it’s important that every patient checks his or her medical bills carefully, looking for any mistakes. If a patient is still unable to pay for these bills, then he or she should look into negotiating a payment plan.