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It’s common for a person to go through bankruptcy through no fault of their own. This may be because of a divorce or because of a psychological problem, such as compulsive spending. If you think you could have a compulsive shopping problem, it’s important to get help sooner, rather than later. Some of the signs of out-of-control spending include hiding or otherwise ignoring bills, lying to others about your spending habits, and using shopping as a form of therapy.

You can learn more about compulsive shopping and how to get help for it by watching this video. This psychologist, who specializes in this area, explains the importance of identifying the underlying emotional problems that may be leading a person to go on shopping sprees.

If you’re buried in debt, bankruptcy might be a good option for you. Consult the bankruptcy attorneys at Cutler & Associates, Ltd. by calling (847) 505-0380. Our offices are conveniently located for those in Schaumburg and Aurora.