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Tell Boss About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legally acceptable procedure. It allows debtors to get back on their feet after going through financial hardships. But it still carries a social stigma, and many filers are concerned that their employers might find out about it. Know that your bankruptcy is a matter of public record, and it’s possible for your employer to find out about it. You may want to inform your employer before the company finds out another way. Taking the initiative may help you look more responsible and accountable.

However, if you don’t want your employer to find out about it, there’s usually no need to disclose this information. Although bankruptcy filings are public records, most people don’t make a hobby of browsing court papers in their spare time. If you have a job that requires a security clearance, such as a military job, then filing for bankruptcy may affect your situation. Talk to your bankruptcy lawyer and appropriate military personnel to find out.

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